Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First day of meteorological winter (meteorological what?)

Today is the first day of meteorological winter. Traditional winter does not begin for another three weeks. Why can't people leave well enough alone? Or if they are going to tamper with things, why do they have to usurp the name of the existing entity? Politicians do the same thing when they rename existing buildings or amenities for one another. They should have named it the "meteorological  holiday shopping season".

Fortunately for this gardener, meteorological winter is nothing like real winter: the ground is still open, and the outdoor gardening season continues. I'm still planting bulbs (and have lots to go before I finish). Yesterday I worked in the garden for several hours and had the pleasure of being bitten four times by mosquitoes. The air temperature was well above 60º F. The scent of earth is still on the air, as is the fragrance of autumn olive (should I call it "meteorological winter olive"?) Throughout the night there was rain,  yet the temperature changed little - early this morning it was still above 60.But then a cold front arrived, and the temperature quickly dropped about twenty degrees.

After the sun comes out this afternoon and things dry out a bit, I'll be out there again. There probably will not be many posts during December as long as there is work to be done in the garden - and weather to allow it.

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