Wednesday, August 31, 2016

the frisky mattress

Wayne and I went bed shopping last week. I had had my eye on a certain bed at IKEA for a couple of years, and while we were there the other day I saw that it had been discontinued and was on sale. That did it: I bought the bed. At first I considered having the store deliver it to the house, but then decided to see if we could load the bed into his hatchback. He has much better packing skills than I do, and I was counting on him. Somehow we got it all stuffed into the car, and off we went. Once we got home, I decided to temporarily put the pieces in the living room - I needed a nap.
Two days later we tackled the job of putting the bed together. We started at about 3 in the afternoon, worked until about 7 and then took a dinner break. After dinner, we were at it again. We put the finishing touches on the bed at about 1 A. M.
Once the bed was together, we took on the mattress. The mattress came rolled up and was bigger than some people. We were puzzled about what we would have to do to get the mattress into its functioning shape. I figured we might be in for a surprise when we unwrapped it, so I asked Wayne to do the honors with the unwrapping while I stayed handy with the camera. We did get a surprise: that's what you see above.

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Dylan Lovell said...

Wow that seemed rather easy to unwrap. It sort of just laid itself right on the bed. I am really excited to get a new mattress as I don't get much sleep at night due to not being comfortable. I believe were going mattress shopping today or tomorrow. It is always exciting to get new things and have to put them together!