Saturday, December 31, 2016

Drimia (aka Urginea) maritima

Drimia maritima with Biscuit 

Drimia maritima
I would rather be posting an image of this plant in bloom, but I have a hunch it will never bloom here. Or at least it will not bloom here until I can provide it with more space and more light. I naively thought it might be possible to grow it in a cold frame. Now that I've seen just how big it is, it's obvious that it will not fit into any cold frame I have here. So it's being grown as a house plant (some might want to add "when it should be grown as a greenhouse plant").

As it turns out, it's a very handsome foliage plant - at least it is in the early stages of its vegetative growth.

That's Biscuit, our twelve pound ShihTzu, reluctantly providing scale in one of the images. 


Anonymous said...

I live in Turkey, Antalya. This plant grow here freely and anybody pay no attention on it.It flowers late summer or early fall. Yours is vey big really.I must have been flowered.Do you leave it to dormancy period?
Best wishes

McWort said...
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McWort said...

Thanks Zeki.
Yes, it's dormant from late May until I start to water it again in October.