Thursday, February 7, 2008

Asphodelus acaulis

The presence of this plant in my garden is due to the generosity of a friend. It’s a new arrival here; last fall, Alice handed me a tangled clump of roots which seemed big for the size of the plant in question. I had seen it once before in her garden, the rosettes of thin leaves topped with pink stars of bloom. When I first saw it, I did not recognize it. But I have known about this plant for a long time – since 1965 in fact, when I purchased a copy of Anna Griffith’s A Guide to Rock Garden Plants. It is illustrated there, and never did I think I would actually have it blooming in my garden one day.

The image above showing the plant in bloom was made today. The plant shown is in the protected cold frame. In the open ground it would probably bloom later in the year. The flowers have a waxy look, almost as if they were made of pink chocolate. Most members of the genus Asphodelus are several feet tall when in bloom; Asphodelus acaulis thus does not look much like most of its relations.

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McWort said...

Alice's plant is now (March 6) blooming in the open ground.