Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ceratostigma griffithii

Ceratostigma griffithii put on a growth spurt this year which surprised me. In the past it formed a sprawling subshrub with branches up to about two feet long. This year, although it's still  sprawling, it grew up behind the glass door used to cover the cold frame in which it grows. This year the longest branches are probably about five feet long. So far, the only flowers to appear have been at the tips of the branches. If you squint, you can make out the very spotty effect this produces in the image of the whole plant. Since we're already past the middle of November, it's hard to see what value this plant would have in the open garden; in fact, it's hard to see what value it has grown in the cold frame. On the other hand, the foliage does color up nicely - as can be seen in both images.

When really cold weather arrives I'll take the Ceratostigma down and tuck it in among the other plants in the cold frame. If it continues to bloom throughout the fall and into winter I might keep it. Otherwise, I'm not so sure. 

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