Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One each of how many tulips?

Tulips have been a constant thread in the fabric of my horticultural life. There have been years when it took some discernment to notice that thread, and there have been years when that thread has been one of the dominant ones in the rich tapestry of spring.

This year the tulips are here in both abundance and variety. Over the decades I have occasionally done something unorthodox to enhance my tulip experience: I’ve gone out in the autumn and bought one each of every different tulip sold in local shops. I did this to celebrate my sixtieth birthday, and I did it again last autumn. The result is that there are well over two hundred different tulips blooming in the garden here this year.

In the view above you can see the main planting of these one-each tulips.

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Floral Still Life said...

Your tulips look so beautiful! I wish I could have some. We have too many gophers. So I have to plant daffodils! And you have 200 varieties/colors? Today I posted a still life image I did of tulips in a glass basket. Come by and "smell the flowers" at http://photographyhints.blogspot.com