Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The song of the wood thrush

What happened to July? It's August already! Early July was very busy for me; and the weather kept me out of the garden for the most part. Wow what punishing weather we've had this year. And most of August is still ahead of us. Already I can sense the shortening days, and the instinct to hoard food for the winter ahead is making itself felt.

We are very lucky in that the wood thrush is one of the common local birds. For the last several years I've been trying to keep track of when the last wood thrush song is heard. In most recent years I've heard the last wood thrush in late July: one day they are there, the next the song (and maybe the bird itself) is gone for the year.

Wayne called me this morning to tell me that he heard a wood thrush this morning. So now for the first time I have an August date for the song of the wood thrush.

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