Monday, July 29, 2013

Birds, bugs and flowers shot from the Canon: Wayne's new PowerShot SX280 HS

Wayne's new Canon PowerShot SX280 HS camera makes me feel as if my Digital Rebel is an old Kodak Brownie. There is no way that I could get pictures like these with my camera, and these pictures were taken with a point and shoot camera.  It's time for an upgrade! 


Connie in Hartwood said...

Jim, it looks as if I could reach right out and pet that chipmunk! Absolutely beautiful photos.

McWort said...

I'll be sure Wayne sees your comment. I can't believe what he can do with that camera. I forgot to include the picture of the moon where you can make out details and pock marks of the rims of the craters!

David Pilling said...

I have the cheapest Canon Powershot, it is very good, results comparable to my DSLR. But at the end of the day the DSLR is better. You can't at the limit beat big sensors and optically correct lenses. For that extra 5% you will pay both money and convenience.

The CHDK is a great (free) software add on for Powershots. I've used it for plant time lapse photos, but it gives you loads of other things like RAW saving.

David Pilling said...

The chipmunk is cute - put any unwanted ones in a box and send to UK.

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