Monday, July 29, 2013

Cucumber stories: #2

Another cucumber story: on one of the first occasions when I dined with Wayne’s parents in their home, cucumbers of all things provided the most memorable element of that evening. When we went in for dinner, there on the table was a small bowl with thinly sliced cucumbers in sweetened vinegar. This really moved me because mom often put out a bowl of thinly sliced cucumbers in vinegar for my dad. My dad grew up on a farm in Caroline County, Virginia, and I always assumed that that bowl of  cucumbers in vinegar was a rural Virginia tradition. You have no idea how welcome that little bowl of cucumbers on Wayne’s parents’ table made me feel. 

I later discovered that the cucumbers in vinegar thing is in fact very widely enjoyed. When my sister told my niece that I had used the gift cucumbers to fix a bowl of cucumbers in sweetened vinegar, my niece told her mother that that was exactly what she had done with some cucumbers she had grown.    

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