Monday, July 6, 2009

Campanula trachelium 'Bernice'

Campanula trachelium ‘Bernice’

This plant has surprised me by growing well here, but it has disappointed me because the flowers bleach so rapidly in the sun and heat. It’s a pity because double flowered plants typically last in good condition much longer than their single-flowered congeners.

This is a relatively short cultivar, only about eighteen inches high here. Each flower is about the size of a big pecan. The single flower shown above does not suggest as much, but it's a floriferous plant.

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Anonymous said...

We just discarded this plant after 6 years : it's blooms fade so quickly, and the foliage deteriorates at the same time, it never semed to look good.
Why wait so long to dig it out? Because the first one or two flowers always gave a promise of something special!
We garden in the north of England.